Attention Women: NYC Madison Ave. Physical Therapist Who's Healed Over 15,000 Women Reveals Secrets Even Your Doctor Doesn't Know
It’s a 5-day challenge to turn everything around QUICKLY and get back on track.
Discover inner strength, mental peace, and true pelvic health WITHOUT doctors, pills, or gimmicks!  Reconnect to the power of being a woman
The Unbreakable Female Body
5-Day Challenge Value $984 Now $19
Registration Ends June 7, 2021@ 9AM EST
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Join the 5 Day Challenge Now for a 1-Time Discounted Payment of Only $19
 It’s a 5-day challenge to turn everything around QUICKLY and get back on track.
 Discover inner strength, mental peace, and true pelvic health 
WITHOUT doctors, pills, or gimmicks! Reconnect to the power of being a woman.
The Unbreakable Female Body
5-Day Challenge Value $984 Now $19
Registration Ends June 7, 2021@ 9AM EST
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Who Is The UnBreakable Female Body  5-Day Challenge For?

Simply put, this challenge is for ANY woman who wants to change her health, her future and her life for the long term!  This is designed to jumpstart your healing journey in just 5 short power packed days! It’s time to step out of the old routines, old patterns  and into your fullness!

Does This Sound Like You?

- I’m looking for a way to tone, strengthen, and feel powerful in my body and I want to create an UNBREAKABLE BODY + PELVIC FLOOR so I can run, play, and exercise without pee leaks,  flare-ups or pressure.
- I want proven strategies that build a strong mind that can withstand any curve ball, health crisis, or catastrophe that is thrown my way. I desire more joy in my life and want to get unstuck!
- I’m looking for a way to change my life during this crisis, and come out the other side feeling whole, connected, and healthier than ever with easy to implement tips,  kegels and full body exercises.
- I want to fall back in love with my reflection in the mirror again and stop doubting myself and my decisions. I desire to live more fully and to let old of old habits and patterns that are holding me back from living fully.
- I desire a joyful positive mindset and want to change negative thoughts into positive winning thoughts so I can take back control of my “Queendom."

If you answered yes to any of these statements, then the "Unbreakable Female Body Challenge" is exactly what you’ve been searching for. 

Are You Ready To Set Yourself FREE?
5 Days of LIVE Coaching With Isa Herrera
The UnBreakable Female Body Challenge will broadcast LIVE on Zoom and in Our Private FB Community so ANY woman who wants to join in and experience this transformation can do it! During our five days together, you will discover Kegels, sacred practices, mindfulness and heartfulness techniques, meditation, full-body workout, and breath-work to create vibrant and long-lasting mental, emotional and physical health.

You will gain immediate access to our exclusive community. Isa will answer any specific questions you have, so you’ll be guaranteed answers that are tailored to you and your unique situation. Isa and her team of experts will give you personalized advice and answer your most burning questions and do on-the-spot healing seats. This is where true sharing and discovering happens. 
Imagine being able to handle any stressful situation without being thrown off-center so you can tap into your body's healing power.
Imagine feeling calm and centered every day and knowing deep down how to tap into your inner peace so you can heal better and faster.

Imagine knowing how to listen and follow intuition to accomplish anything you want so you can avoid falling back into old patterns and relapsing or, worst, experiencing a flare-up. 

Imagine a life where your health does not suffer from over-activity and anxiety, nor is it dependent on others. A life where you are the CHO 
(Chief Health Officer), and you are thriving, not just surviving.
Here is the 5 Day Schedule:

Join Isa every day June 7 to 11 at 10 AM EDT and get ready for some amazing daily prizes too. This is a REAL challenge created to be easy, fun, transformational and actionable. We will post replays of all trainings so don't worry if you can't be live. 

DAY 1- June 7 - Monday - Discover the building blocks of an unbreakable body, pelvic floor & mind that most women don't know about. These trade secrets will help you handle any curve ball thrown your way and help you to stay focused, motivated, and active in your own self-care. 
DAY 2 – June 8thTuesday- Discover the BEST breath-work techniques that open the gateway to inner peace and decreasing inflammation in the body and soul. A calm mind and relaxed spirit are crucial to healing, and inner peace, this part of the challenge will help you get rid of stress and anxiety and find your center so you can heal for the long run.
DAY 3 –June 9- Wednesday - I'll show you four powerful exercises that all women should be doing right now to strengthen their entire body and pelvic floor in under 7 minutes a day. Plus, you'll discover how to do Kegel exercises that create a robust and leak-free body and an unbreakable pelvic floor & body. This is GOLD and brand NEW!
DAY 4 – June 10th - Thursday - Becoming unbreakable requires that you face your fears and stay in a healing and positive mindset. Discover the one method that instantly clears negative thoughts and puts you on the fast track to recovery and being unbreakable. In this training, you'll finally find a sense of peace, happiness, and a positive outlook for your future! 
DAY 5 - June 11th - Friday - You'll discover natural remedies all women should use to create an unbreakable body and pelvic floor in this training. I've given this information to over 14,000 women, and many of them found complete relief and long-lasting health and well-being 
Live Masterclass - June 14th  - Monday @ 10 AM EST- This is a private masterclass to get your most pressing questions answered, and it takes place in my private Zoom classroom. Attending this masterclass will help you integrate all of the amazing info you experienced in the 5 Day Challenge. This is the cherry on the top of the sundae, where I'll personally be doing healing hot seats and guiding you into even BIGGER & BETTER RESULTS! I'll be doing some really great contest and giving away special bonuses for those who show up LIVE!
Here's the Thing...

Gimmicks, Gadgets, Pills or Stop & Go Self Care is NOT the Way to an UnBreakable Female Body, Pelvic Floor & Mind.  It's Time for REAL Change!

Dear Queen,

If your mind and body are built on gimmicks and gadgets... or if you're looking for the "magic" pill that will make all of your mental anguish,  pain, problem, and pelvic issues away. You're never going to get the true health you so richly deserve.

Yes, a pill, surgery, or injection may give you temporary relief. But temporary relief is NOT permanent relief.

These things are band-aids that cover the wound but don't heal it completely, leaving you vulnerable for a repeat flare-up and set back.  

None of the "traditional" treatments or remedies will help you achieve the UNBREAKABLE body and mind you deserve!

So, what IS the answer? 

You need to become…A Powerful Woman Who Knows...

How to care for her body using natural remedies that bring profound wellness without the bad side-effects tat many drugs have.

The right types of exercises that create a strong resilient body that can help her achieve her biggest dreams and keep active for the rest of her life.

• The right way to end self-limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and how to create a winning mindset.

• The right way to strengthen her pelvic floor aka "Lady Parts" and tame her bladder using a total body approach and not just Kegels.

Those are the magic ingredients in an unbreakable female body, pelvic floor and mind.

Take a minute and look hard at that list… How many of them do you have?

It’s completely ok if you can only list one or two.

That’s why I created this Challenge for you!

This pandemic has laid millions of women like you completely bare and so many women have discovered that no matter how hard they try, they’re NOT unbreakable. They find themselves living on  the back-burner of their lives feeling and giving it all away.  They find themselves too depleted  to  make real long lasting change. I want to change that for you in 5 short days.

Big LOve, Isa

During My  5 Day UnBreakable Female Body Challenge  
I'll Show You...

1. How to create a workout that strengthens your entire body safely in under 7 minutes a day and how to focus on building blocks that will bring you long term success in your healing journey. 

2. How to achieve full pelvic power using my “Overflow Whole Body Kegels” so you feel connected to your lady parts and feel whole again

3. How to jumpstart your healing by eliminating subconscious beliefs or negative experiences that we’re literally holding on to without even realizing it. 

4. The exact exercises and techniques proven to work for thousands of women just like you, that will transform your health and your life.

5. And how taking control of YOUR own health and becoming the “chief health officer” in your own life can make ALL the difference in the long term.

By the time the 5 days are over, you'll have a personalized step-by-step plan to turn your body and mind into the strong, resilient WOMAN you were born to be. 

Just Imagine... 

At the end of the 5 days, you'll have a clear roadmap to take your health and spirit exactly where you want it to go.

You’ll have a complete blueprint with all the tools and exercises to help you take the simple yet powerful steps you need to take to be completely in charge of your own health and future.

See you on the inside.

Click the button below and join the 5-Day Unbreakable Female Body & Pelvic Floor Challenge . It's  $19 for you to join. 

Finally find the full body and mind transformation you need- At an affordable price !

WHo Is Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS? 
Meet Isa,
Pelvic Floor PT,  Women's Health Coach & International Best Selling Author
I'm Isa Herrera, MSPT, a pelvic physical therapist with over 14,704 healings and counting under my belt, and the author of 5 books on the topic of pelvic health. I've also earned one of the most prestigious personal trainer certifications, C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength Training and Conditioning Specialist), and I've trained A-List celebrities to professional athletes.

Why am I telling you this?
Certainly NOT to impress you. But to impress UPON you. In the face of “overnight gurus” that seem to pop up like weeds in the garden, I want you to know that I’ve spent almost 2 full decades of my life dedicated to helping women like you get their lives back! 
I’ve helped over 14,000 women reclaim their pelvic power by conquering their leaking, pain, and pelvic heaviness with my powerful yet simple programs and techniques. 
My online programs and training have been responsible for helping women awaken their inner doctors, creating a real path forward from the endless cycle of pain and leaking, returning countless women to active lifestyles. 
With this UnBreakable Challenge, I will help you eliminate all the guesswork out of starting your exercise, Kegel, and mindset program so you can get back on the path to an enjoyable and symptom-free life and an UnBreakable Female Body & Pelvic Floor. 


UnBreakable Body Bonuses & Special Gifts Included When You Enroll

We've got a lot to cover during the 5-day UnBreakable  Female Body & Pelvic Floor Challenge. So, we're going to move fast. That's why, in order to make sure you're fully prepared, we've put together this special ebook training package that you’ll receive each day that will serve as your cheat sheets and guides. 

On top of that I will be giving out ADDITIONAL prizes and gifts to all attendees who go all in and do their assignments
Here's What You'll Discover:
  • The Hidden Secrets to A Perfect Kegel & Stronger Lady Parts & Tamed Bladder.
  • A Simple Breathing  Method That Helps Women Connect to Positivity & Peace and Calm.
  • The Most Important Skill  Every Woman Should Know To Create Meaningful Change and Long-Lasting Joy.
  • ​The Simple Building Blocks to A Tight Tone UnBreakable Female Body.
  • ​ The One Secret That Puts You First On Your List EVERY single time and Keeps You Motivated!
  • The One Thing You Can Do To Flatten Your Tummy and Look Confident and Great In Your Clothes.
  • ​A Single Technique That will Help You End the Struggled,  Instability, Anxiety & Recurring Crises. 

These Special UnBreakable Trainings, Bonuses, Daily Prizes & Live Coaching With Isa Are Easily Worth $984.
But you'll get it  ALL for $19 when you enroll during the early bird pricing.
Remember you'll  also receive special gifts everyday you attend.

They will be available to you as we go through the challenge together and will help you to stay MOTIVATED & STRONG! 
Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to fight harder for what matters most...YOU

What Real Women Say About Isa Herrera And Her Healing Work

"Even my PT & MD could not help me like Isa has helped"
"Isa has given me hope after four decades of suffering. Even my PT & doctor could not help me, but Isa’s program did. I can take care of myself and have all the tools I need to heal" ...Sharon Haig
"I've finally taken back control of my pelvic health"
"I know how to care for my body completely and I’ve stopped outsourcing my pelvic care to doctors. I’ve taken back control of my health. Isa is thorough in all her programs. THANK you, Isa." ...Lisa Pitcher
"My bladder is healthy and I am sleeping through the night"
"My bladder is healthy again, and I am sleeping through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom; the exact information I needed to take back my bladder health is in Isa’s programs. I no longer get up 4-6 times a night to pee." ...Marta Mastova

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything to prepare for this program?
No, this program will offer a practical entry point into the information and methodologies. If you have other healing experiences, you will find that is program deepens your understanding and goes more fully into holistic consciousness and evidence based practices and techniques. 
Will this challenge work for me?
Isa has massive experience in natural healing and physical therapy. She’s an expert in natural female healing and knows how to present the integrative and holistic tools and challenge material so that you can easily do them on your own, ensuring complete success and transformation.

The methods she teaches, you won’t find anywhere else and are a unique integration of evidence-based physical therapy and ancient traditions.

The best part is that you get 3 month access to EVERYTHING, so you can go back and review as much as you want. You can go through the material in as little as 30 minutes a week. You will see a dramatic improvement in your mood and how you see and interact with the world and your relationships. It is the key to stepping back into living fully and taking back control of your destiny.

What is the daily schedule for the challenge?
The challenge takes place over 5 total days. We have calls every day. There will be a bonus Q&A call and masterclass on Monday. Each call takes place at 10am EST/7am pm PST. Here is what the schedule will look like: 

Day 1 Training - Monday, June 7, 2021 @ 10AM EDT 
Day 2 Training - Tuesday, June 8, 2021 @ 10AM EDT
Day 3 Training - Wednesday, June 8, 2021 @ 10AM EDT
Day 4 Training - Thursday, June 9, 2021 @ 10AM EDT
Day 5 Training - Friday, June 10, 2021 @ 10AM EDT
Saturday and Sunday are self integration days plus Isa will be answering questions in our special l community all weeklong:)
Bonus Masterclass and QA - Putting it all together - Your Unbreakable Plan Masterclass- Monday, June 14, 2021 @ 10AM EDT

 How much time will it take each day?
Each call takes approximately 45-60 minutes. There will also be suggested daily homework that should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete (some only take 5-10 minutes). So throughout the challenge, expect a 1.- 1:15 hour time investment per day and this includes the training. 

Prizes  and gifts will be given to those who complete daily assignments and these are so good that I am sure you want to get your hands on them.

Additionally for those who want extra support Isa will have an extended community. This is limited so grab yourself a spot and get even more support and your questions answered.
How do I access the content?
Everything takes place inside of a private Facebook group and via zoom calls. You will get access to the group and replays as soon as you challenge is active.

In the group we will host the live daily calls, upload the recordings, and post the workbooks/slides. Also, this is a great way to connect with fellow Queens and help each other along the way!

If you don't have Facebook NO PROBLEM we got you covered with ZOOM in Isa's private classroom.
How long do I have access?
I've been asked do I have lifetime access to the Unbreakable Female Body Challenge? You will have two extra weeks to revisit the materials and training once the challenge ends on June 11. 

 You will have lifetime access to all of the materials you've downloaded; with those, you will have a complete set of tools you can revisit any time you want to. You will not have access to the training after June 25. At that point, we will archive the Facebook community and the special Zoom replay page. 

I can't wait to share with all EVERYTHING to help you be truly free and in control of your mindset and pelvic floor

This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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